Saturday, June 14, 2008

samedi, june 14:

we really gav'er to the garden today...went from noon until 8:30pm. gained alot too. the work had a real physiological effect on mood, mind and body. i became more grateful to this wild space. its truly precious and rare and i can see its importance the more time i spend there. this space gives back so much to the people who use it. i gain peace of mind whenever i go. its a liminal and timeless place somewhere far from the monculture of concrete and single strains of grasses found in other parts of the managed and pruned city. after the fourth hour of being in the air, and wild energetic quality of the meadow, my thoughts became whittled down to whispers. my body's presence/action took up my entire attention. sowing the red clover became an effortless attention: consuming me entirely (the physical exhaustion also shaped my state of being). two things made my day: i- it never rained, despite the 70% chance of forecast for it! ii- when when my last little handful of 50 seeds filled in the VERY LAST empty earth patch from the enitre circle! (i was stunned, and pleasantly surprised). it was such an affirmation that this project is truly bigger than me and my little ol' will.