Wednesday, November 5, 2008

photos : sept-nov

November 2nd. More still to come!

photo Melissa Campbell

Here we are, from left, Diane, Erin and Em... reworking the geometry of the Roerich circle, where the weeds have erased all previous man-made form.

photo Melissa Campbell

We found some bee balm, but not much (de la monarda...une seule, de 300 semences qui ont été plantés, ouf.)

Trifolium pratense, a familiar 'weed' (the red clover that was planted in June in outer circle of the Roerich symbol).

Va pèter dans le trèfle is a Québécois expression I learned today. It means,
‘go fart in the clover’; c’est-à-dire, piss off.

Les gardiens 'officiel' du terrain.

End of day, one of the circles is complete; empty of weeds, and the cardboard goes over top as mulch.

This shot is from a walk with Bronwyn Chester, a local tree scholar. She found us an apple tree with a sweetie.

From the tree tour with Bronwyn Chester and CPR history with Kevin Cohalan in September.

"Every majestic oak tree was once a nut who stood their ground." anon.