Friday, January 16, 2009

Artefatica collaborates with Sprout Out Loud!

I'm collaborating with Artefatica, a local publisher, to produce a book, website, and some wonderful swag to celebrate the Maguire Meadow, highlight the uses and value of wild urban spaces, and provide community activists and the city with materials and ideas as they envision the future of this space. The team (more on them to come) is in place and we’ve been hard at work, meeting almost every Tuesday night, planning, pulling together content. We’ve developed the outline for the book:

  • The Roerich Garden project: Summary
  • This is a living community space: Writing, photos, video, drawings, and archival materials that show all the ways the community uses this space
  • Us in the world: Similar initiatives locally, nationally, globally
  • A vision for the future: What are the possibilities for this space? Preservation? Development?

Do you have content you’d like to submit? If so, please send it to Emily (emily at emilyrosemichaud dot com). All content and outputs will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, allowing subsequent creators to remix and build on it.

Deadline for submission is end of January, 2009.