Monday, April 13, 2009

Next working bee: Sunday May 3rd

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THANK YOU to those who came out and showed their support on Saturday. Such an inspired moment to see everyone participating in the beautification of this precious lot. Almost half of it was cleared of garbage. Brava! It will certainly continue, so please stay posted. If we start treating this place like OUR back yard, (and not an abandoned lot that CP owns) there is a chance at conserving a good chunk of it. The city plans still seem flexible enough at this point that there IS a possibility of a park being kept wild. The more events that happen here this season, the more visibility we get, the more we get people digging in, caring for it, the better the chances, in my opinion. Our power is in our organization, so just come out and garden with us more... Until soon~
En face de la résidence des Carmélites

Textile goes down upon the 3 circles of the Roerich symbol to keep the weeds down and the symbol visible (until we figure out what seeds/plant culture will inhabit the formation)

Installation : 'L'arche de Tonka' par Charles Lamarrre

End of the day...