Monday, May 11, 2009

Next working bee: Sunday May 17th

This Sunday May 17th, we'll be setting the benches in cement and figuring out where to put Janis' Himalayan impatiens.

Come help us to do the transplanting and plan the party on Saturday June 20 to celebrate the field, and this precious place that at risk of being demolished.

As for the book, it is coming together slow, but steady. Stay posted at Artefatica

willow is in,
compost bins are in,
some benches are done,
most garbage is gone
the ground is warming....

willows need water
more garbage to clean
the ground is stirring...
(the city is planning)

the glorious field behind Jeans! Jeans! Jeans!

whatever helps:
cement (is important), wood, screws, food, music, your self

May 17
May 24
May 31
Every Sunday until the snow returns : 1pm-6pm.
Rain or shine. Someone will be there.

Check the site weekly for updates and photos: