Monday, March 16, 2015

Proposal sketch: Mississippi Valley Textile Museum.

This sketch doesn't do the work justice but it represents the ideas that went into a fifteen page pdf proposal for the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. Inspired by the presence and power of the water of the Mississippi Valley (Almonte, Ontario). If I get a yes, I will create a land/water based installation featuring hand-drawn topographic maps of the region, human-powered irrigation (gathered from the Mississippi river) and sheep pelts grown of rye grass (fleece) to echo the past of the Rosamond Woollen Mill. Fingers crossed. The surface below will be pencil/watercolour on paper. The trickle down drips from above will create a moving map that changes based on how little/much visitors water it. We shall see:)

Update: Just got a YES to exhibit March-June 2018. The ideas were a bit out there, but it looks like the gallery crew are game!

Stoked...Can't wait to start experimenting for this.