Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Saturday April 11th : SEED EXCHANGE // WORKING BEE

Spring is finally back and this is an announcement to say that we will in fact be continuing with the gardening activities in the Maguire meadow this spring-summer-automn. 2009 will quite possibly be the last year the field will be in its fullest glory (before the Plateau Mont-Royal goes ahead with their development plans). Do come out in large numbers! Now is the time to show borough mayor Helen Fotopulos that we care about this place. We want to demonstrate to make it clear to her that the field needs to be conserved. The book (www.artefati.ca) is coming along very well. It too, will be presented to Helen when published in the spring to demonstrate why this place is culturally valuable. We are still welcoming submissions! Check out www.artefati.ca for details about submitting, or contact Emily directly.

WHAT: SEED EXCHANGE // WORKING BEE (exchange seeds, clean up garbage and eat food over a fire)
WHERE: THE FIELD (Follow St-Viateur direction East, past de Gaspé, in the field facing the Carmélite's residence)
WHEN: Saturday April 11th // 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
WHY: This activity has the intention to show the arrondissement Plateau-Mont-Royal this space is well-used and belongs to ALL of us. We propose that it be conserved as a park and kept wild, so why not start treating like our backyard?
BRING WHAT YOU CAN: i- seeds you want to pass on ii- rakes iii- gloves iv- rain boots and gear v- garbage bags vi- food to heat on a bbq vii- dry wood-kindling for the fire
PLEASE NOTE: I will supply the following: i- a tent for seed storing, to protect them from the wind (and possibly rain) ii- a fire pit for an end of day bbq supper iii- charcoal iv- two rakes v- five pairs of gloves.

*the garbage cleaning part of the activity is not appropriate for kids, as sometimes syringes and glass are found on site*