Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hi all

The Field
(now belongs to the city!)
There have been some major changes and positive developments concerning the field, which I thought would be important to share. Last Monday, at the conseil d'arrondissement, the burrough of Plateau Mont-Royal confirmed the acquisition of the 'field' from the Canadian Pacific. It was bought for 1$, with 4,7$ million needed to decontaminate the terrain according to standard procedure.

The Roerich Garden
Is officially surrendering to the weeds, though its geometry of rocks still lies below the surface of wilderness. Many of the willow cuttings that were planted in the outer ring of the circle have survived and are growing well. Updates to come. Feel free to contact me if you would like to help out in the Roerich Garden throughout July and August.

The weekend
(Come on out this Sunday from 2-5)
The Solstice Festival, that had initially been proposed to happen on Saturday, June 20th, has been cancelled. Instead, join us on Sunday June 21 ( 2-5pm ) for a planting party. Please spread the word to your friends and bring the odd pitchfork or spade. Please join me and bring any non-fussy, high growing, colourful flower seeds that will stand up against the wilderness of the summer vegetation. I'm putting in the last of my sunflower, morning glory and hollyhock seeds against the fences. This is a kid-friendly event, and picnics are encouraged.

The summer
I will be out of the city for work/research for the month of July and August, but will continue my communications and blog updates while away. Regular events will continue throughout the season, so please stay tuned as to the whens, wheres and whats here: Feel free to contact me if you have art projects or guided walks related to this space and issues that are dear to you.

The book
We are still working on the book and the first phase is to put everything online. If you had agreed to be a contributor, please send me your revised and/or final edits if you want them to be included. We want to document everyone's stories, memories, inspiring initiatives that are making cities more interesting to live in, etc.
The online draft version can be found here:

Take care, hope to see you on Sunday!