Monday, October 26, 2009

News + last Sprout Out Loud event!


* Tomorrow : Help us create a living map of the Roerich Garden.

* Sprout Out Loud/Roerich Garden now in the hands of the community.

* Document (to be shared)


* Tomorrow (is voting day) / Living map

Sunday November 1st from 2:00 - 5:00 pm Green Dream Media will visit the Roerich Garden. Green Dream is documentary media project who will be collaborating with Sprout Out Loud to create a map of this and other spaces that are special to people across Canada. Contributions will help create an interactive community map which will be displayed at

PS: We will be finishing up with the weeding of the 3 circles as well, so bring tools and help us with that if you feel the urge.

* Sprout Out Loud/Roerich Garden in the hands of the community.

This will be the last Gardening event in the field I will be coordinating (ever). I've promised myself to keep energy for other projects, like wrapping up the book so it can go to print, as well as personal/career things. If this garden is to stay alive, it will need hands and feet to keep the Roerich symbol visible: as long as the physical garden stays alive, so does the call for cultural preservation of the field also remain alive.

In its' first stage, The Roerich Garden Project started as an ephemeral installation and then succeeded to morph into a community-collaborative art project. It's been two very full years, and we have come a long way, with tons of media and political attention that has transpired. Conversation and action has been provoked, and countless citizen's have expressed how important this rare land is to them and to the community. The original vision of the project was to provoke dialogue about the city's development plans, and to continue to inhabit the field consistently, through maintenance and physical presence. I feel my side of the work is now done, so I'll take a step back and let what is to be, be.

I invite you to contact me for questions, but please understand that I won't be putting physical investment into this awesome space anymore.

My involvement will continue to live on through the book.
Online draft of the book may be found here:

* Document complete

Our committee Le Champ des Possibles ( has collectively finished an inspired and detailed document outlining specific intentions regarding the future of our neighbourhood and the field.

Check the document out here if you're curious:

Herb walk with Lana McGeary in September

Lana McGeary

Evening Primrose