Wednesday, March 9, 2011

General Meeting - March 16, Café Falco

Dear Friend of the Champ des Possibles,

We hereby invite you to the first General Meeting of les Amis du Champ des Possibles (ACDP).

This will take place March 16 from 7pm to 9pm at the Falco Cafe, 5605 Avenue de Gaspé. During the evening there will be snacks, coffee and tea.

Elections will be held to form the first Board of Directors of ACDP. Below is the procedure to be used to elect members of the council.

The agenda is as follows:

1. Welcome and agenda
2. History of the Field of Possibilities
3. Presentation of the overview report, and the blueprint for the initiative
4. Presentation of the Action Plan 2011-2012
5. Questions / Answers
6. Adoption of the proposed general regulations, the action plan and budget
7. Nomination of candidates for available posts (7 total, 5 vacancies) on the board.
8. Elections (if applicable)
9. Adjournment

Regarding the Board of Directors, the terms of office are two years except for the current year where half of the positions will last one year. The distribution of these posts, and those of the directors (president, vice-president, treasury, secretary), will be undertaken by the newly elected Board of Directors. We invite you to read the document 'Règlements généraux' (attached), especially Parts IV and V.

There are two positions that are already filled. Five remain to be filled and we invite you hereby to submit your application by email. Take note that your application will have to be seconded to be accepted. Below, are the election regulations.

Electoral Regulations

* Elections to the Board of Directors will be held at the Annual General Meeting on March 16. They will be by secret ballot.

* Those interested in sitting on the Board of Directors can submit their own nomination by email. We prefer to have all nominations stated before the night of the General Assembly, but we will provide one more opportunity for nominations from the floor before proceeding to elections.

* Any canditature must be seconded by another member (different from the member proposing the nominee) during the evening of March 16. This means that applications by email will be have to be seconded.

* When all candidates have been identified, we will confirm their candidature one last time.

* If there are more nominations than vacancies, we will make the elections:

1. Election of volunteers to handle the secret vote.
2. Elections by secret ballot.
3. Counting votes.
4. Announcement of successful candidates.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on March 16 at 19h at Café Falco.


Le Champ des Possibles (carte/map)